Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome to the Nation of Nerdz!

Allow myself to introduce...myself. My name is Terry Terrones and like many people nowadays I wear many hats, with some fitting better than others. I publicly acknowledge that I am a writer, gamer, teacher, learner, father, nerd, and pop culture addict. Among many other things. 

Please forgive me for spelling "nerds" with a "z" at the end of this blog title but it was the only spelling available and considering how much I liked the title of "Nation of Nerds", I had to take what I could get. I'm just a poor writer, I don't have the coin to buy people out.

So if you happen to be here (and thank you if you are) it could only be for a few reasons. 1) You somehow know me personally. 2) You have followed me from GamePro to DLC Digest to Brokemycontroller.com to whoever else I've written for to here. Again, I thank you. 3) You were looking for something else and accidentally stumbled upon this site. 4) You were REALLY bored. 

Whatever your path, I could care less. I'm just glad that you stopped by. 

That said, if you decide to frequent this site what should you expect? Good question! So glad you asked! First off, lots of sarcasm. I've been known to be what my mom calls an "intelligent buttocks" (I apologize for not being more direct but I'm trying to keep this blog PG) so please take everything I write here with a George Lopez-sized head grain of salt. Second, a more honest opinion than I'm used to giving when I usually write. At my age (40) and after all my writing experience I don't really care any more if I ruffle a few feathers. And finally, posts that contain a hodgepodge of pop culture rhetoric. 

I love gaming and writing about it is my passion so you'll see lots of that. But, since I would've given my first child (To be honest, I should say my first WIFE. Hey oh!) to be on the now defunct VH1 show The World Series of Pop Culture, you'll also see lots of posts on movies, music, television and...well, a bunch of other random stuff that I think is interesting. Forgive my hubris, but it is my blog so I'll write about what I like when I like so that means my posting may be sporadic, at first. 

However, I can promise you this - I'll never post anything just for the sake of posting something. No, instead you'll get my best when I'm inspired instead of some tepid nonsense just to fill space. This may make for an inconsistent site but I'd rather give you that than some forced garbage you'll get from other places. 

Still a doubter? Fine, I get it. Here are a few of the topics rattling around my head right now that I plan on defending with logic and "soda" fueled reasoning - reality shows are better than scripted shows, MMOs suck, the Xbox 360 is the best console you can buy right now, Comic-Con needs a reboot, Batman is the greatest superhero ever, Chuck Taylors are the coolest shoes of all time, fantasy football is the greatest sport ever, Kurt Cobain and other musicians who died young (with the exception of John Lennon) are overrated...and...well, that's all I have at the moment.

I hope you visit frequently but if not, no biggie. You won't hurt my feelings (My ex-wife frequently told me I have none. Hey oh!) and I understand pretty much everyone has a busy life. But, keep this in mind - I'm a writer, which by definition means I'm an egomaniac. So if you don't read what I write you're killing my soul. I hope you can live with that.

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. In some instances. The Bachelor is NOT one of those instances however. Between remakes of shows not 10 years in the grave, and "reality" BS... creativity in Hollyweird is officially dead.

    2) MMOs suck...

    You suck.

    3) The Xbox 360 is the best console you can buy right now...

    That's like saying a Toyota Prius is better than a Chevy Volt. In the end, both k0nz0l3z pale in comparison to a PC gaming rig... the Chevy Corvette of the bunch. Oh, and you STILL can't watch Blu-Ray movies on an X-Box.

    4) Comic-Con needs a reboot...

    Love to hear your thoughts on why, since I'm seriously contemplating going next year and bringing my 30,000 comics (to sell) with me.

    5) Batman is the greatest superhero ever...

    Hmmm... maybe. I can say that Batman has the best video games and movies ever. I can't wait for Arkham City. I just DLed Asylum to replay (one of the best games EVER).

    6) Chuck Taylors are the coolest shoes of all time...

    Completely ambivalent on this topic.

    7) fantasy football is the greatest sport ever...

    (snicker) Nerd. The NFL can suck it this year. Canned my Sunday Ticket due to their shenanigans. They don't deserve my money or my attention (no fantasy football for me either). With that said... I have played in your fantasy league in the past, and THAT was fun!

    8) Kurt Cobain and other musicians who died young (with the exception of John Lennon) are overrated...

    Wow, we actually agree on something! However, you're a Beatles homer. Them and Cold Play... good lord.

    Look forward to reading more meanderings from you... just keep the Cold Play lovefest to a minimum. ;)

  2. Damn you and your PC love Eli! Expect a Coldplay tribute soon.